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About Mobile Business Alliance

Tablets and smartphones have long become an essential element of daily business life. But only together with the right apps can mobile devices become true productivity boosters.

That is why more and more companies are realizing the need to manage apps. Many focus on app customization and special SDKs, which lead to high overhead and costs for both end customers as well as software manufacturers.

Facilitating App Management

As a founder of the alliance and provider of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, our mission is to facilitate app management by leveraging the native capabilities of each mobile operating system. We believe that app management and a secure business container require no customized apps in an enterprise, but are entirely possible using the native OS functions.

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Delivering Apps Ready for Business

Following this open approach, we have partnered with renowned app developers and providers of app development tools in the Mobile Business Alliance. Working together, we want to help enterprises find the right business apps as well as the best-in-class solutions to increase mobile productivity and optimize business processes. And all without any app customization or app management hurdles.

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Easily Find the Right Business Apps

Never get lost among thousands of consumer apps again. The Business App Market makes finding the right business apps easier than you could ever imagine. Just use the filters on the top to get the perfect app for your particular category or industry.

If there’s no ready-made app available, the Business App Market will advise on who the best experts are for tailor-made app development. An additional highlight is that all apps offered in the Business App Market are immediately ready for business use. Using an enterprise mobility solution like Cortado Corporate Server, apps can be secured, managed and rolled out to tablets and smartphones right away, without any prior customization.